Week 8: The Poisson distribution

Understanding the Poisson distribution and testing randomness.

Week 7: Goodness of fit

Understanding goodness of fit. Working with the chi^2 distribution as a null distribution for goodness-of-fit tests.

Week 6: Analyzing proportions

Understanding and working with the binomial distribution and statistical power.

Week 5: Hypothesis testing

Simulations, probability calculations and a little bit of hypothesis testing.

Week 4: Probability

Calculating probabilities by hand. Deriving the expectation and variance of random variables.

Week 3: Sampling distributions

Computing sampling distributions. Quantifying the uncertainty of estimates (standard error and confidence intervals).

Week 2: Summary statistics

Calculating and visualizing summary statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, interquartile range). Simulating data.

Week 1: Introduction

Introduction to statistics and R. Loading and plotting data.